BodyTrain GB-510B Magnetic Exercise Bike

£ 119.95
The BodyTrain GB-510B Magnetic Exercise Bike is our entry bike, but even so it is perfect for low impact home cardio workouts. It comes with a height-adjustable saddle and levelling stabilisers. The handlebars have pulse sensor fitted and can be pivoted forwards & backwards. The pedals have adjustable foot straps, that will enable you to work on both the up and down stroke of the pedalling action. The tension is controlled using the adjustment knob on the righthand side of the front post, positioning it here reduces the risk of accidentally hitting your knee should you choose to stand. There are 8 tension levels to choose from so it is suitable for all levels of fitness. There are hand pulse sensors on the handlebars will provide a more accurate workout reading. You can scroll through several modes on the LCD screen to view your progress using the quick touch keys on the computer console. The computer is battery powered so there is no need to to be near a mains outlet when exercising.