BodyTrain Balance Trainer Pink with Pump

£ 39.95
The BodyTrain Balance Ball has been cleverly designed to enable users to use either way up. This gives you a hard-unstable platform or a softer more stable platform. Both help to target hard to reach deep core muscles and increased strength. Used while doing weight training exercises increases the challenge and helps to build strength faster. Add hand-held weights while lying on the BodyTrain Balance Trainer to perform arm, shoulder and chest exercises. Standing while performing squats, lunges or other leg exercises forces the engagement of more muscles and helps to improve strength and the power cords can be used to further increase intensity. Push-ups on the Balance Trainer can be performed dome side up or dome side down depending on the intensity desired. The BodyTrain Balance Trainer helps Improves balance by forcing you to maintain your centre of gravity while performing exercises, this is an excellent way to effectively tone your body and help prevent injury. Certain yoga poses c